Responding to RFQ’s Pre-requisites that must be met for a supplier to respond to the RFQ’s (Request for Quotation) sent to them, on the e-Procurement Vendor Portal. 
Valid Vendor Portal account;
  • Valid Vendor Portal account;
  • Valid Supplier registration on the registered account; and
  • The Supplier registration must be on an active status.
  1. Login to the Vendor Portal account;
  2. On the menu bar, click “Tenders”;
  3. Choose the “Closed RFQ” option;

4. On the Closed RFQ page, click on “Click Here To Open” on the RFQ you want to send a response;

5. On the RFQ page, capture the unit price for the items you want to respond to. You can also write comments if you have.

6. After capturing the unit price and comments ensure that you upload the actual quote. Click on “Choose File” then select the document (Actual Quote you created for this RFQ) you want to upload, then click the “Upload” button;

7. Now click on “Save” then “Submit”.